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Honeybell Trifecta

Available in January. Win big with our Honeybell Trifecta! Seven delicious items in one perfectly sized gift for an individual or a small family. Honeybells are in short supply so order now to secure your shipments. Once they're gone, they're gone!

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Gift Description

Our 'Honeybell Trifecta' gift fruit pack with Deluxe items will bring a ray of Florida Sunshine into any home. A huge hit for many of our customers, The Trifecta includes Honeybell Tangelos, Sweet Valencia oranges, Star Ruby Red grapefruit, Citrus Marmalade, Orange Blossom Honey, Hand-Dipped Chocolate Covered Coconut Patties, and Whole Georgia Pecans. As with all of our gift fruit packs, the fruit is always fresh and shipped within hours of harvest. Order some today!

HOW MUCH SHOULD I SHIP? When selecting a gift, choose approximately 5 pounds of fruit per household/office member.

FRUIT COUNT: Depending on the size of fruit being packed, each pack will contain 15-22 pieces of fruit. The Deluxe items will replace 4-5 pieces of fruit in the entire pack.

PHOTOGRAPH: The photograph on this page is a representation of the gift you are shipping. The quality will always be U.S. #1 or better!

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Sorry, but we do not ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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honeybells, seedless oranges, ruby red grapefruit, marmalade, honey, chocolate coconut patties, pecans.

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Contents & Options Georgia Pecans
Orange Blossom Honey
Honeybell Tangelos
Florida Oranges
Ruby Red Grapefruit
Citrus Marmalade
Chocolate Coconut Patties