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Fruit Medley Master Pack

The Fruit Medley Master Pack is ideal for sharing! Four Individual gift packs to share at work or with family and for less than $30.00 each. Each pack makes a great Christmas gift! Available for East Coast shipments only!

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Estimated Availability:  December 2018

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Gift Description

This is a great gift for an office or to share with friends or family members. The Master carton contains 4 each of our very popular Fruit Medley. Each individual pack contains Sweet and Juicy Seedless Oranges, Red Delicious Apples and D'Anjou Pears. That's a total of 4 packs (5 pounds each) delivered to one address for less than $30.00 each! Compared to shipping 4 individual Fruit Medley packs, you will save over $50.00 when shipping the Master Pack. This gift pack is for orders East of the Mississippi River only!

HOW MUCH SHOULD I SHIP? When selecting a gift, choose approximately 5 pounds of fruit per household/office member.

FRUIT COUNT: Depending on the size of fruit being packed, each tray will hold 9 pieces of fruit. This pack does not include any Deluxe items.

PHOTOGRAPH: The photograph on this page is a representation of the gift you are shipping. The quality will always be U.S. #1 or better!

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Sorry, but we do not ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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Contents & Options Red Delicious Apples
Navel Oranges
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