Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reeds Groves offer a Guarantee?

Absolutely! We always ship fresh picked fruit. However fruits are perishable and easily bruised during transit. So from time to time some fruit may arrive damaged so please remember our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction – We will replace any fruit which was damaged upon arrival. Simply report any damaged fruit for a free replacement shipment. All we ask is that you check the gift package upon arrival and notify us of any damage ASAP. Contact us through our online contact form, or Reeds Groves on Facebook, or Email:, or call (352) 821-2915.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

No. But by creating an account all of your information will be securely saved in our system (we do not store payment information). We maintain your address, email, and phone number information. We also save information for the friends and family which you have shipped gifts to, including a list of which gift you shipped to each person/family. By saving this information when you re-order gifts you will be prompted to ship the same gift, or choose a different gifting option. Plus you will receive an ezine titled “From the Grove” with special offers for shipping, new gifting options, handling tips, preparation tips, recipes and much more. Unlike many online companies, Reeds Groves is a real brick and mortar business and we value you as a customer, and we will never share any information about you, or the individuals you have shipped gifts to.

What are the deadlines for holiday delivery?

For Thanksgiving delivery, order by Friday, November 15.

For Guaranteed Christmas delivery, order by Sunday, December 15.

Will orders placed after the Christmas cutoff date arrive before Christmas?

We will do our best to send orders placed after December 15 to arrive between Christmas and early January. Occasionally, they arrive in time for Christmas, but we can’t guarantee that. However, we will send your gift recipient an attractive card that lets them know a package will be arriving shortly after Christmas.

What credit cards do you accept?

All orders are processed by PayPal which accepts all forms of payment. PayPal is the safest way to pay online, period!

When is my credit card charged?

PayPal will process your payment upon submitting your order.

How safe is it for me to order online?

Very safe! We do not have access to or store any payment information when processed through our website. PayPal is the safest way to pay online, period!

Contact and Optional Ordering Information

In addition to our website, orders can be placed via phone, at (352) 821-2915; fax orders are accepted at 1-352-821-4919; and mail orders can be placed by mailing a completed order form to: Reeds Groves – P. O. Box 623, Weirsdale, FL 32195. For mail-in orders we accept Visa and MasterCard Only!

Additional Shipping Fees

For shipments East of the Mississippi (except Maine and upper Michigan) all prices on our website include Shipping.  For shipments to Maine, Upper Michigan and all states West of the Mississippi River, a fee of $7.95 per gift package shipped, will be added at checkout.

How much fruit should I order?

A good rule of thumb is 5 pounds per person.

For Individuals or Families
5 lbs. Package1 person
9 lbs. Package1-2 people
15 lbs. Package2-3 people
18 lbs. Package3-4 people
27 lbs. Package4-5 people
36 lbs. Package5-7 people
For Small Offices
36 lbs. Package5-7 people

*For a larger offices or families, send multiple packages!

Can I ship fruit to Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii?

Sorry, we do not ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.